Corporate Transfers


If the nature of your work requires you to be on wheels more than on work, or you casually have to take trips to the airport or to the many corporate meetings in different areas, than Yes Limo Taxis has just the solution you want.

Our State accredited chauffeurs can provide you classy, luxurious and comfortable corporate transfers for as many times you want, to which ever destination you require, and at whatever time you seem fit. Yes Limo Taxis & Corporate Cars is know all over Sydney to be the best providers of corporate transfers and we have achieved the trust of some of the most well-known corporate identities.

Corporate Transfers for conferences & meetings

Our management and planning is at par with the luxury and diversity of vehicles that we offer. This is also the reason why corporate transfers from yes Limo Taxis & Corporate Cars, are also utilized for in-journey vehicle conferences and meetings. Our plan-ahead schemes, and management for corporate transfers has been recommended by some renowned corporate Giants in Australia and we continue to operate in the vicinity with same esteem and quality.

Furthermore, Our Wedding cars and Ceremonial Transport vehicles perform as an icing to your special event, when you have these classical and luxurious wheels by your side.

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Corporate Transfers with Home based Pick & Drop Services

As mentioned previously, all the services of Yes Limo Taxis & Corporate Cars are just a call away from you to be acquire. However, for corporate transfers we ensure further ease to our corporate individuals by assigning them our state accredited chauffeurs so that they can avail their transfers any time they want. This assurance allows our corporate customers to induce a concern free time in their business, knowing that if require corporate transportation; their chauffeurs are waiting for them and on close call. This facilitation in corporate transfers also allows our customers to avail pick and drop services to and from their home.

Our charges are affordable and we offer quality with luxury

It doesn’t matter if you want our ceremonial chauffeur service detail and limousines just as in wedding cars for some other special even, our charges as always are very affordable and we make sure that you enjoy to the fullest and make full use of our services. At Yes Limo Taxis & Corporate Cars we don’t bank up just because it’s your special day, rather we show you the quality of our weddings cars and ceremonial transport service all in justifiable rates.

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Corporate Transfers with Airport Pickups

Yes Limo Taxis & Corporate Cars provides further assistance to corporate individuals by offering them with Corporate Airport transfers as well. For Corporate Transfer airport pickups, our customer can either inform us with their schedule on call or they can also avail the facility of our Online booking form. At Yes Limo Taxis understand your schedule and this is why all of our airport transfers are synchronized to be best in punctuality. Furthermore, if you have a domestic flight, you can let us know and the corporate transfer chauffeurs of Yes Limo Taxis & Corporate Cars will be waiting to serve you at the airport you are arriving, as well.

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Corporate Transfers for Groups

Yes Limo Taxis & Corporate Cars also provides corporate transfer services to groups. As mentioned before, we keep separate vehicles and chauffeurs for corporate individuals so as to respond and serve them in the soonest possible way. For corporate individuals we have meticulously maintained limousines and luxury cars, as well as 8 seater and 11 vans which you can utilize whenever you want for Group corporate transfers.

Payment modes for Corporate Transfers

For any kind of corporate Transfer, Yes Limo Taxis & Corporate Cars employs two modes of payments. The first is in which we charge our corporate customers per job, and second is when we allow our customers to pay us as weekly basis.

We are prized responders to some of the most well-known EA & PA in Australia and it is because of the quality and luxury, besides best punctuality that we offer which has brought us many returning customers and referrals during our tenure.