Corporate Accounts

Chauffeur_ServiceNo Payment Required For Before Or After Your Scheduled Pick & Drop Services. Pay At The End Of The Month Or A Day Of Your Choosing For All Services At Your Ease.

Yes Limo Taxis & Corporate Cars in order to facilitate its recurring clientele has launched “Corporate Accounts” service that enables you to pay for the rides you take at your own feasibility.

Individuals who often take taxis or other chauffeur services for day to day commute such as office, functions, meetups etc. are encouraged to subscribe to the corporate accounts service.

Since Yes Limo Taxis offers the most flexible rates for its pick & drop/ Chauffeur services which too are without any fluctuation – the corporate accounts don’t just let you save the costly overheads charged in day to day Uber or taxi services but also the time wasted in waiting for these chauffeurs.

How can I get the “corporate accounts”

Just contact us using the below given button,

  1. Tell us that if you regularly have to hire chauffeur services for routine pickups,
  2. The car you would want to reserve for your transportation with us , check our fleets section for our car catalog.
  3. Your name, number & email.

And we will get back to you to confirm for any additional details & to confirm your subscription.

Benefits of Corporate Accounts by YLT

Please note that our corporate accounts service is inclusive of all the promotional discounts and incentives that we regularly launch for our clientele.

At the end of the month, or the date of your choosing. We will send you the invoice of all the rides you took with us inclusive of any discounts we have live during that tenure.